Flight makes emergency landing at Newark airport

The flight bound for Florida had to make an emergency landing at Newark Liberty International Airport

All flights in and out of Newark Airport were temporarily halted Saturday morning after a flight from Canada to Florida diverted there with a possible fire in the cargo hold, officials said.

A passenger flight made an emergency landing at the Newark Liberty International Airport in the US state of New Jersey Saturday morning due to a possible fire in the cargo hold, causing a temporary shutdown of the airport, authorities said.

Airport firefighters responded and the Boeing 737 landed on Runway 4 Right.

Steve Coleman, a spokesman for the Port Authority of NY and New Jersey, told CNN that the pilot of the Air Transat flight requested an emergency landing at 8:20 a.m., saying there was smoke in the aircraft.

Chauvin said she never smelled any smoke in the plane, and the landing went smoothly.

The incident forced the temporary closure of all runways at the airport, which opened a short time later.

Passengers were evacuated by emergency slides.

No injuries were reported according to Air Transit, but Newark International Liberty tweeted there were two minor injuries "unrelated to any smoke condition".

"The plane landed safely", Coleman told CNN.

Coleman said crews were had to get the plane off the runway so the runways could be reopened and flights could resume.

Note: The Port Authority initially said 89 passengers were on board. One hundred and eighty-nine passengers were aboard the flight, Cabana said.



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