Colorado Students to Join Global Youth Climate Strike

Students to ‘strike’ against climate change inaction this Friday

Glasgow City Council has become the latest to confirm that students who miss school to take part in global climate protests will not face punishment. "We can not teach on a dead planet". "If our leaders on a global and a national level were doing their jobs properly then we wouldn't have to strike". In Massachusetts, they are taking place in several communities, including Boston, Amherst, Barnstable, and Great Barrington.

AUSD supports students' rights to collective action and free speech, and students won't be disciplined for their activities on March 15.

"Students throughout history have been a critical driving force of social movements".

The School Strike 4 Climate Australia event encourages students to 'strike from school and tell our politicians to take our futures seriously and treat climate change for what it is - a crisis'. "The students leading this movement have demonstrated courage in standing up to the powerful forces that want to protect the massive profits being made by maintaining the status quo".

The strikers will meet at Railway Park at 10am this Friday, March 15, and walk to Main Beach to hear speeches from local students and non-amplified musical items from young artists. "Educators everywhere should support this movement and nurture the leadership that students are showing around climate change".

In the months since Thunberg began her weekly action, a contingent of like-minded climate activists has followed suit around the world.

"I will be striking because if we don't take urgent action now, my future, among with the rest of my generations future, will be seriously damaged", she said. But the one thing we need more than hope is action.

A Frome student said, "I am scared about the future of the planet".

The protests are open to people of all ages.

"We need to emphasize that climate change isn't fake news; that it's real, [and] that it's going to affect us in the very near future", she said.

"Now people are not debating whether we should do something".

Thunberg says even if young people put pressure on adults, it is up to world leaders to make changes now that her generation can inherit. It was created by a group of strikers as a follow-up to the climate strike, as we wanted to make a difference, not only through protest but also through the electoral system.

"I think [the strike] is important because one, they're using their voice and two, they're putting pressure on trying to get something done, and hopefully they can get something done".



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