Bernie Sanders' campaign becomes the first-ever to unionize

Bernie Sanders

"I'm proud that our campaign is the first presidential campaign to unionize".

In the last presidential election in 2016, Republican Donald Trump attacked Democrat rival Hillary Clinton, who was 68 at the time, as suffering from "low energy" when she came down with pneumonia during the campaign, claiming she lacked the stamina to be president.

Sanders, who is 77, visited a walk-in clinic "out of precaution", in SC after falling and injuring himself on the glass door of a shower, according to campaign spokesperson Arianna Jones.

Sen. Bernie Sanders' 2020 presidential campaign will be a union shop.

"We can not just support unions with words, we must back it up with actions", Sanders said.

Earlier this year, Sanders apologized to female staffers on his 2016 campaign who said they experienced sexual harassment from male staffers.

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The campaign added that employees had chose to unionize through a card check system, in which employees sign authorization slips consenting to being represented by a union.

The union said that by Friday, a majority of the campaign's 44 bargaining-unit-eligible employees had signed union cards.

Jonathan Williams, the communications director for UFCW Local 400, said that the first step now that the union has been formed is to negotiate the contract.

Federici called the unionization a breakthrough that he hoped would serve as a model for other campaigns.



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