Android Q Beta Could be Released Later Today for Pixel Devices

The information was revealed by Iliyan Malchev, a Google employee who is working on Project Treble.

Essentially, it's part of the core OS code, that makes it easier for OEMs to roll out software updates.

As we know the first Android P Developer Preview build was launched in the middle of March 2018 and now nearly at the same time, we could see the Android Q Beta getting released.

Android Q will nearly certainly be unveiled at the annual Google I/O conference in late Spring/early Summer. That shows you the problems with fragmentation that Android still has. A news about the Android Q has been leaked and it suggests that more and more smartphones will get the Android Q Beta update when compared to Android 9 Pie.

Leaks have suggested we're going to see a system-wide dark mode, which does more than just darken the app drawer and quick settings tile.

Illiyan: Yeah, in fact it was fully due to Treble. Of late, we have heard several features about that Google is planning to bring to the consumers with the Android Q software. We had, I believe, eight OEMs including Pixels, so seven OEMs other than Pixel. The first Android P developer preview was released in March, with the second Android P developer preview, known as Android P Beta, released at Google I/O in May a year ago and featuring several OEMs in the beta programme.

Google Pixel series owners will be able to download and install the Android Q developer preview on their phones. The number is bigger for the upcoming Android release, which I am very happy about. If it's similar to Android Pie in release schedule, we might even seen the first developer previews landing very soon. But the trend is positive and strong, and I am very happy about this. Are you excited to get this new flavor of Android on your device? Of course, we'll have to wait till May this year to definitively know the final list of smartphone makers on board with the Android Q beta programme.



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