A "Bohemian Rhapsody" Sequel Is Being "Heavily Discussed"

Dolezal added that the follow-up film is now, "being heavily discussed in the Queen family".

Rudi Dolezal, a filmmaker who directed a number of videos for Queen, told Page Six this week that a follow-up film to the Oscar-nominated film is now being discussed by members of the Queen family.

Mercury and Queen's story has always been fascinating and the filmmakers did an exceptional job bringing it to the screen a year ago in Bohemian Rhapsody.

When it comes to biopics, Bohemian Rhapsody did a pretty fabulous job of telling the story of Queen and its leading lad Freddie Mercury and wrapping it up in a neat little package at the end. The Live Aid concert was in 1985 and Mercury died in 1991 due to complications from AIDS. A rep for Queen's record label told us they have not heard about any sequel, but that "The Show Must Go On: The Queen + Adam Lambert Story" will air on ABC in April.

The music video director teamed up with Queen around the time of the Live Aid performance and went on to do 30 videos for the band and its members, including Mercury's "These are the Days of Our Lives" in 1991.

It seems unlikely that Queen would take part in a film exploring Mercury's life after live-aid and the distressing six years that lead to his death. That's who sang "We Will Rock You" and "We Are the Champions" at the Oscars, a well-received performance and why we're having this sequel discussion in the first place. However, Bohemian Rhapsody boosted sales of Queen's music hugely, and the film's title track is now the most streamed song released in the 20th Century. After all, the band did distance themselves from Sacha Baron Cohen's original biopic project.

The movie was a box office and awards season hit, earning more than $875 million worldwide and four Oscars, including a Best Actor gong for Rami Malek, who played Queen's iconic frontman Freddie Mercury.



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