Woman throws chair off Toronto balcony, police investigating

Woman throws chair off Toronto balcony, police investigating

Toronto police say they believe they have identified the woman who threw a chair and other objects off of a downtown condo balcony over the weekend.

Police say they are discussing a timeline for the woman to surrender and if she does not adhere to that timeline, a warrant will be issued for her arrest.

Hopkinson confirmed police have spoken with the woman or someone acting as her representative.

Police believe the chair-throwing incident occurred Saturday around 10 a.m. ET at a condo in the Harbour and York streets area, which overlooks the Gardiner Expressway and Lake Shore Boulevard. The video ends before you see where the chair lands.

On Monday, a video began circulating on social media that appears to show a woman dressed in black trousers, a black leather coat and black high heels tossing the chair over the balcony which is several storeys high.

"Investigators have identified her and are giving her time to get a lawyer and turn herself in", Const. David Hopskinson said early Tuesday afternoon.

Police say other items were tossed as well and landed in front of the entrance to the condo building.

Incidents involving objects from high-rise building have come to police attention before, Hopkinson said.



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