Threats and memes - Inside Chris Brown & Offset’s Twitter showdown

Chris Brown has come to blows with Offset for sharing a meme targeting 21 Savage on Instagram

One commenter warned Offset and said: 'You really don't wanna beef with Chris brown son.... However, not everyone finds them amusing, particularly fellow rapper Offset, who slipped into Brown's comments section and posted, "Memes ain't funny lame".

He also challenged Offset to a fight which he feels is better than social media banters which only gives Offset undue attention.

His good friend Offset has been very vocal about his dislike for the memes.

The latter rapper was arrested earlier this week by Immigration and Customs Enforcement, with ICE alleging that the British-born rapper had been in the US illegally for more than a decade. "IF YOU A REAL MAN FIGHT ME", he wrote. "SENSITIVE ASS N-", Brown replied, in part.

"F*** you lil boy", starts the singer, who clearly wasn't in the mood to mince words". All this cap on IG IS WHATS LAME. Yo energy wont [sic] that when I came to Drake show in LA. Chris continued his expletive-filled tell-off on his Instagram Story, writing: "If he don't get his EARTH WIND AND FIRE pottytang space suits WEARING CAP A** LIL BOY da f**k out of my comments and off my d**k".

See their social media posts below. "Oh and another thing, SUCK MY D-!"

Chris Brown fired back at the rapper by telling him to mind his business and focus on the issues he has going on in his life.

Offset took to Instagram in his own stories, shorthandedly implying that Brown is a "c*** head [who] don't want" marijuana.



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