The Division 2 Will Seemingly Have An Open Beta

The Division 2 Will Seemingly Have An Open Beta

An open beta for The Division 2 was all but confirmed by during an official livestream over the weekend.

Given that The Division 2 is set for release next month, it can be expected that the supposed beta will take place one weekend in the very near future. Back in January, we were able to try out the game's PvP multiplayer which seems to be building off of the Dark Zone from the original The Division in many thoughtful ways. We also saw a hefty portion of the main campaign recently and found that the new gadgets and equipment in this sequel were satisfying to use. After hearing a lot of praise for the loot n' shooter from folks I trust, I'm glad I get another shot at it before launch - Ubisoft and Massive are opening their doors to everyone on Friday, March 1st.

An open beta would give developers a chance to properly stress test the servers as well as iron out any last minute bugs that arise.

The Division 2 private beta did not have the best weekend on Twitch, as far as viewer numbers are concerned. The open beta will end on March 4th and even though Ubisoft has not stated anything additional yet, we are pretty sure that its build will be identical to the one used for the Private Beta.



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