Spotify hardens its stance on ad blockers

Spotify will start suspending ad-blocking users without warning

Spotify's new terms are an escalation in the company's battle against ad blockers. "Spotify learns from each engagement, fueling a more personalized ad experience".

This shouldn't be confused with the "Active Listening" feature Spotify has been testing in some territories since last August, which lets listeners choose to skip some ads if they don't want to listen to them.

In an update to their Terms of Service Spotify have made it clear that they are taking ad-blocking on their platform seriously. Unfortunately, more than 2 million users (2 percent of free Spotify subscribers) were blocking ads with modded apps and accounts past year, The Verge reports. Any account with suspicious or abnormal activity on this front will be red flagged.

Spotify has reinforced its fight against ad-blockers by explicitly banning them in its terms of service. Spotify also notes that if a user attempts to get around the rule, it may result in suspension or termination.

KitGuru Says: While I pay for Spotify thanks to its intuitive layout, increasing competition from YouTube Premium and other services means that the platform really needs to innovate quicker in order to remain relevant.

Spotify started cracking down on ad blockers last March when it was reported that around 2 million users were using tricks to avoid having to listen to ads in between tracks. Spotify's latest earnings reveal that the company turned a profit - the first time in its entire 13-year history. The company aims to achieve it with recent acquisitions of podcast companies Gimlet Media and Anchor. For a business the size of Spotify, that's a serious problem.



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