Shocking new footage of Brazil dam collapse

Rose Silva sits and waits every day for news about her missing cousin

Earlier on Saturday, officials announced that the death toll from the collapse has risen to 115 dead and 248 missing.

The colossal disaster happened on January 25 in the Brazilian state of Minas Gerais.

"An internal study showed the miner knew as recently as a year ago that some of the areas hit were at risk if its tailings dam burst, according to a report by Folha de S.Paulo newspaper", Reuters reported.

Major Brazilian TV outlets obtained dramatic security camera video showing the outer wall of the dam collapsing and an avalanche of mud crushing trees, houses and cars in its path. Closeups replayed throughout the day showed cars and people scrambling unsuccessfully to escape the dark red torrent. The dam, which held back mining waste, gave way and unleashed a wave of mud that buried buildings nearby. The company has said the mud flow destroyed the sirens before they could sound the alarm.

Authorities and environmental organisations have begun testing water quality around the mining complex, while Brazil's state and federal authorities have told residents not to use water directly from the Paraopeba or 100m around it.

Vale said it was also "fully cooperating" with authorities and that three of its workers had been arrested with two others "responsible for the audit company who testified to the stability" of that dam.

Money is also being provided to help pay for funeral services, the company said, as Brazil's ministry of labour froze more of Vale's assets with an eye on recovering cleanup costs and eventual compensation claims.

In the wake of the disaster, Vale has said it will take up to 10 percent of its production offline and spend 5 billion reais ($1.36 billion) to decommission 10 dams.



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