Senator tells youth climate change activists "I know what I'm doing"

Sen. Dianne Feinstein waits to board an elevator after a vote on Jan. 31 on Capitol Hill

A group of young people, including elementary school children, associated with the environmentalist group the Sunrise Movement visited Sen.

"You know what? I don't care anymore".

In the 15-minute version of the video, the children tell Feinstein that they've come to her to express their support for the Green New Deal. The kids are kinda cute at first as they ask the six-term senator to sign on to a "transformative" plan whose component parts, price tag, and schedule are so delusional that Democratic contenders for the 2020 presidential nomination are dragging it is "aspirational" and Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) waved it away as "the green dream, or whatever they call it". Ed Markey and Rep. Alexandria Ocasico-Cortez, aims to convert the entire US economy to renewable energy within 12 years, while also sparking a massive burst of job-creation and technological innovation. The IPCC officially estimates we have little more than 12 years to transform the world's current global energy infrastructure to limit global warming and ensure a more sustainable planet for ourselves and future generations. The group also posted an unedited version of the video on its Facebook page.

The exchange comes as moderate Democrats grapple with the Green New Deal, a 10-year plan to mitigate climate change championed by progressives such as Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez of NY.

"You come in here, and you say it has to be my way or the highway".

About 100 people had rallied outside Feinstein's office Friday, including students from Oakland Unified School District, where classes are canceled due to a teacher strike this week. "Her reaction is why young people desperately want new leadership in Congress", the tweet accompanying the video said. She added, "I've been in the Senate for a quarter of a century, and I know what can pass, and I know what can't pass". "I know what I'm doing", Feinstein says.

Feinstein is then heard telling the kids she will give them a copy of her own climate change resolution. Dianne Feinstein being confronted by members of the group, who controversially utilized young schoolchildren as pawns to demand action on climate change.

As the kids continue to push back at her, urging her to vote "yes" on the Green New Deal even if it is unlikely to pass, Feinstein becomes visibly frustrated and starts to talk over the group.

Feinstein responded to the incident later on Friday in a statement, which she released on Twitter. "I have been and remain committed to doing everything I can to enact real, meaningful climate change legislation", Feinstein wrote. Later, Ocasio-Cortez tweeted to say that people who accept climate science but don't act at the scale that's necessary to avert the crisis are almost as bad as those who deny the problem exists in the first place.



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