Roger Stone’s Attorneys Argue Against Potential Gag Order

Roger Stone’s Attorneys Argue Against Potential Gag Order

Stone objected to the proposal via his attorneys, arguing that public comment on politics and men's fashion is his job, so a gag order would interfere with his ability to earn a living.

"To foreclose Mr. Stone's exercise of his First Amendment rights on any subject would serve no compelling governmental interest", his attorneys wrote. That lack of fame means he will be able to have an unbiased jury when his case goes to trial.

"While Roger Stone may be familiar to those who closely follow American politics, he is hardly ubiquitous in the larger landscape of popular consciousness", Stone's lawyers wrote.

"On Instagram, Kim Kardashian has 126 million followers", the filing pointed out. Stone, meanwhile, has no Twitter presence (he was banned by the service in 2017).

A seven-count indictment unsealed January 25 alleges that Stone sought information about the emails before the election at the direction of an unidentified senior Trump campaign official. "Roger Stone's Instagram following amounts to 39 thousand subscribers", Stone's attorney stated. "And it's my responsibility to ensure that he has a fair trial".

Jackson was assigned Stone's case because of its relation to the hacking case in which she also presides.

Jackson said last week that if she imposes a gag order, it won't limit all of Stone's speech.

U.S. District Judge Amy Berman Jackson is considering issuing one that would prevent both sides in the case from making public statements that could have a prejudicial effect on potential jurors while allowing Stone to publicly opine on other matters.

Prosecutors have yet to respond to either of Stone's filings.

Jackson drew the Stone case because prosecutors designated it as related to the Mueller probe prosecution of a dozen Russian military intelligence officers indicted in July on charges of hacking and sharing Democrats' computers and emails to disrupt the 2016 election.

Stone emerged a short time later, put his hands up, and turned around as an agent placed him in handcuffs.

It was not immediately clear if or when the judge, an Obama appointee, would decide to authorize a gag order. Stone faces no charges in connection with the hack - though he was mentioned anonymously in their indictment as communicating with the Russians.

The show of force has prompted criticism of the tactics of Special Counsel Robert Mueller's office. The case is against Roger Jason Stone Jr.



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