Qualcomm pumps Snapdragon 855 in Hawaii

New Qualcomm in-display fingerprint sensor is Face ID for your fingertip

For the next three days Qualcomm is holding its annual Snapdragon Summit in Maui, where the company is expected to reveal new and improved Snapdragon mobile processors, and with the help of carriers across the globe, layout plans for 5G networks heading into 2019. Internally, the Snapdragon 855 is called SM8150, which is why almost everyone was led to believe that the official name of the SoC would be Snapdragon 8150.

Since 2019 is going to mark the kickstart of the 5G era, it's no wonder that one of the Snapdragon 855's main features is support for multi-gigabit data speeds on 5G networks. Instead, it will ship it with Qualcomm's new X24 LTE chip which promises speeds up to 2Gbps. Apple has never been first when it comes to integrating new network technology in the iPhone, waiting for others to work out the initial issues such as battery life and overall impact on daily use. Manufacturers will be given the option to include the X50 modem into their flagship, should they want to offer their customers the 5G option.

Samsung and Verizon have now confirmed plans to launch a 5G smartphone in the USA in 2019 and there is a very good chance that this is the new Samsung Galaxy S10.

During the keynote on Tuesday, Qualcomm unveiled the Snapdragon 855 Mobile Platform.

Earlier this year, Motorola and Verizon announced a 5G Moto Mod that adds 5G connectivity to the Moto Z3, with anticipation of releasing the 5G Moto Mod in early 2019. There's a new dedicated vision processor that can process depth mapping at 60 fps, as well as capture 4K HDR video at 60fps. All of this can be done while using 25% of the power used previously. WinFuture also stated a feature called "Snapdragon Elite Gaming", which will most probably boost gaming performance when you fire up graphically taxing Android games. Qualcomm was kind of cryptic here, but we'll know more soon enough.

Of course, this is only a part of the information that has been leaked and we believe Qualcomm will be detailing the rest related to the Snapdragon 855 during the official unveiling.

Additionally, Qualcomm announced 3D Sonic Sensor.



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