PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode Tips and Tricks to Win Chicken Dinners

PUBG Mobile Zombies Mode Tips and Tricks to Win Chicken Dinners

It will be a limited time event, during which players will be able to fight off zombies and Resident Evil 2 bosses while at the same time looking out for other players.

What's more is, the G63C gun may not be added in this update either, however, it could be available when killing bots in the Vikendi snow map. This new update brings the much-anticipated Zombie mode as a team with Resident Evil 2.

You should always manoeuvre, during the night time (which is more like fog time). Therefore, the new upgrade contains Resident Evil 2 central menu theme and music which gives the player a spooky vibe. Also, the new version of this game pushed to Google Play Store and Apple Application Store from February 19th. "Now go to the "'My apps & games" section and search for PUBG Mobile. Not only will players have to be wary of other players but they also have to deal with zombies. In the case of the zombie mode, strategically use vehicles to create blockades to slow down the zombies. However, for the twist, the players will encounter a few zombies from Resident Evil 2, which will include Police, Licker, G1 and many more.

After weeks of teasing, Tencent Games finally released the new 0.11.0 update to both PlayerUnknown's Battlegrounds (PUBG) Mobile versions of both Android and iOS versions. Here's when the PUBG Mobile Zombie mode update release date is.

Moonlight Weather to Vikendi has been added.

The company has also added Sanhok in the Arcade mode for a quick match. However, now the crossover is a reality and now it's available for a limited time.

"Resident Evil 2" meets "PUBG Mobile" with the portable battle royale's new gameplay mode "Zombie: Survive Till Dawn", available now.

Match Results are now archived up to 1 month only.

Players can easily walk around the game area during the daytime as the zombies clumsy and have lesser health than that of the ones that spawn in the night.

Under settings, you can now disable shadows, so the heat and battery usage are reduced.

Lower end devices will also have an easier time running the game as the update will help fix some bugs that affected the terrain and caused glitching assets.



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