Ontario health inspections, air ambulance won't be privatized, minister says

Ontario health inspections, air ambulance won't be privatized, minister says

Elliott said Horwath's interpretation of that section was incorrect, but she would not say what it is actually meant to do.

The Ford government said that was merely a draft, but the NDP has obtained internal government documents that detail a finished plan that already has cabinet approval.

Christine Elliott's comments came after the NDP released a second set of confidential government documents following the release last week of a draft version of the Progressive Conservative government's upcoming health-care transformation legislation.

"Andrea Horwath and the NDP continue to fear monger and play politics with Ontario's health care system", she added.

The documents follow last week's draft legislation, also leaked by the NDP, showing the Doug Ford government wants to create a "super agency".

Ontario's health minister was forced to make assurances Monday that long-term care inspections and the province's air ambulance service will not be privatized, as leaked documents appear to peg those services for "outsourcing".

"One thing that I think all of us in Ontario agree on is that everyone should have access to a publicly funded health-care system, and that people should pay for their services with their OHIP card and there should be no opportunity for people to skip in line or move ahead in line over other people because of monetary considerations", she said.

A source tells Global News the government believes an Ontario public service employee's email was hacked and the information was "illegally obtained".

NDP Leader Andrea Horwath said Ontario's cabinet has already approved aspects of the proposal which would open the door to further privatization of the health system.

"Unfortunately, due to the importance of cabinet confidentiality, we are unable to confirm what has gone through the cabinet process", Elliott said in a statement. Among that Super Agency's guiding principles is to "partner with public and private sector entities" when it comes to patient experience and health outcomes.

The extremely detailed material outlines a system administered by a super agency overseeing 30 to 50 regional "MyCare" groups.

They also say a new model of "integrated care delivery" is being created, called MyCare groups, and the NDP say those groups would be given power to contract out front-line health care to private, for-profit entities. Planning and oversight functions will be transferred a new Super Agency.

Elliott would still not rule out further private delivery of services within the public system - which now exists, such as companies that do diagnostic testing - but said that wasn't the focus of the health-care transformation.



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