Nintendo Switch Smaller Model, New Online Service Coming 2019?

Nintendo delays its very first Mario Kart game for mobile

One of the smaller details from Nintendo's financial results yesterday is that their console business accounts for 92% of all their revenues, and that everything else - including mobile apps - is just a minor extra.

Yes, we are telling you that very soon, you'll be able to play the famous Mario Game on your Mobile Phones as Nintendo Co. "Mario puts on the white coat once again in the mobile game Dr. Mario World, targeting an early summer 2019 global release", Nintendo said on Twitter Thursday alongside a pill-shaped logo for the title. "Mamma Mia!" after learning the latest title won't be released on time. That's all we know about the game for now, but keep an eye on Nintendo's social channels for more news in the coming months.

Nintendo set another record for Switch sales in the Holiday quarter but stayed behind the initial goal to sell 20 million Switch consoles in its fiscal year.

With Mario Kart Tour delayed, Nintendo has announced its next smartphone app and it's a revamp of the old NES and Game Boy puzzler.

"Theme park development with Universal Parks & Resorts is underway". It will open its first Nintendo-themed attraction at Osaka's Universal Studios Japan in time for the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games, which run from July 24 to August 9.

In a Nintendo-focused report by Japanese paper Nikkei, a new piece of hardware was seemingly revealed. These huge numbers skyrocketed Nintendo Switch holiday sales to 9.41 million units, up a mighty 30% year-over-year, and jumped total software sales to over 163 million.



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