New report details Google's 2019 product roadmap, including the Pixel 4

Google Pixel

Since the flagship version of the vanilla Google Pixel 3 came in third place - but at 25 percent of the vote, which is not far at all from the second place victor - we can also assume that those of you who want a smaller phone aren't ready to give up flagship features to get it.

Nikkei Asian Review spoke to unnamed "industry sources" who revealed a cavalcade of Google products that are now in the pipeline. In comparison, Google's latest smartphone model, the Pixel series launched in October previous year, was priced at $799 United States dollars. The Pixel 3 Lite expected to carry a 4GB RAM, 32 GB Storage and a Snapdragon 670.

The new phone will be the vanguard of Google's efforts to expand its hardware business. The report also says there'll be a Pixel 4, but that's pretty much a given. Google already has this setup in the Pixel 2 and 3. Android Police believes Google will take the wraps off a new Google Home Hub smart display with a larger screen - potentially closer to the 10-inch display seen on the rival Amazon Echo Show.

Further, the Search giant is also coming up with new smart speakers. While we've figured Google had some first-party smartwatch in the works since a job listing went up last week, Nikkei's report seems to indicate there's more than one on the way, or at least being worked on. According to Nikkei's source, the latter is a smartwatch that will compete with the Apple Watch. The sources claim that the new hardware direction from the company has been behind Google's hiring activity all the way back to its deal with HTC in 2017.

Finally, Google plans to unveil an updated Nest Cam lineup. The bumper report from Nikkei suggests the Google-owned security camera range will be rebranded to sit alongside the Pixel smartphone, Pixel Watch, PixelBook, and Pixel Slate tablet.

"One person with direct knowledge of the matter told Nikkei that Google plans to release a new security camera later this year after it integrated the team from Nest Labs".

It's unclear exactly what hardware upgrades would be featured in the new Pixel-branded security cameras.



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