New Governor to Pull Nat'l Guard from California's Border w/ Mexico

California Governor To Pull National Guard Troops From U.S.-Mexico Border: 'This Is Our Answer To The White House—No More Division'

Aside from state National Guards, the president has ordered thousands of active-duty troops to the border. "The whole thing is ludicrous", he added of the president's border security efforts.

The move was a rebuke to President Donald Trump, who won election in 2016 partly on a populist pledge to build a wall on the southern US border which he said in his campaign Mexico would pay for.

He plans to redeploy 110 troops to assist with wildfire preparation and 150 will work on the state's counterdrug task force program.

"The border "emergency" is nothing more than a manufactured crisis - and [California's] National Guard will not be part of this political theater", Newsom said on Twitter. "California will not be part of this political theater".

Then-California Senate leader Kevin De Leon and 26 state legislators urged Brown to end the National Guard agreement.

The Democrat plans to rescind on Monday an earlier authorization for the troops to aid the Trump administration.

Under a "general order" that Mr. Newsom plans to sign on Monday, 110 California National Guard troops will be redirected to support the state's central fire agency, Cal Fire, and another 100 will work on statewide "intelligence operations" aimed at global criminal drug gangs.

According to the Associated Press, only about 100 troops will remain at the border. During the gubernatorial campaign, Newsom said he disagreed with Brown's decision. Under Newsom's order, a small group of forces trained in spotting narcotics would be stationed at California's global points of entry.

Newsom, who visited one of those shelters a month before he was sworn into office, and other California state leaders have described what Trump has called a crisis at the border as "self-induced" by the president.

Trump and Democrats in Congress have been engaged in a contentious battle over his proposed U.S./Mexico border wall, which would extend all the way from the Pacific Ocean to East Texas.

In his State of the State address on Tuesday, the newly elected Democratic governor will say that border crossings had fallen to their lowest since 1971 and California's undocumented population had dropped to a more than 10-year low, spokesperson Brian Ferguson said.

Nevertheless, the liberal governor's order is a symbolic rebuke against the White House's immigration agenda.

At a news conference Monday, Newsom called Americans lazy, saying they should question why the Trump Administration wants to spend $5.7 billion on border security.

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