New Fortnite account merge tool makes cross-play easier

New Fortnite account merge tool makes cross-play easier

There's some epic news from Epic Games: account merging has finally come to Fortnite! Epic Games has thought of everything, and is now allowing players who played the popular battle royale title on PlayStation 4 before a certain date to merge their Fortnite accounts into one mega account.

Banned and disabled accounts can not be merged, obviously. Simply go to the Epic Games merge website and select a primary account.

The basic rundown is that players have to choose two accounts: a primary account and a secondary account. They can then use this new account on any version of Fortnite without worry.

The ability to merge your Fortnite accounts to share cosmetics and pool V-Bucks across different platforms is finally possible.

Eventually, Sony relented and opened up multiplayer cross-play between PS4 players, and gamers on Xbox One, PC and Nintendo Switch - but the accounts were still separated. In other words: if you played on PS4 then on Switch, you can merge them and pick a primary (the secondary gets disabled).

Other Items such as Unreal Marketplace items, 'Creative Islands, ' and campaign account level and progress will not be merged over from your secondary account. I recommend picking which account you want to keep before you start, so you can make sure to log into it as the "Primary Account" during the first step of the merge process.

Players must have used an Xbox or Switch account and a PlayStation account before September 28th 2018 for this tool to work. Head to the Epic Games site to read the complete breakdown of what will happen, what will be kept, and what will be lost. Your secondary accounts "Console Login" will be instantly linked to your Primary Account. Just to be clear, the wording specifies that the second account is disabled. If you've been playing Save The World, you will bring over your secondary account's XP, Heroes, Llamas, Defenders, Schematics, Survivors, Evolution and Perk Materials.

The new system is available to try out now and is being launched before the end of Fortnite Season and the launch of a new Battle Pass in March.



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