Ministers indicate new chance to vote on May's Brexit deal

Shadow Brexit Secretary Sir Keir Starmer

Aside from the risks of a no-deal Brexit, the Bank of England predicts that Britain will this year see its weakest growth in a decade, partly due to the uncertainty accompanying Britain's departure from the bloc after 40 years of membership.

Barclay will travel to Strasbourg on Tuesday to set out the UK's stance to MEPs, and the foreign secretary, Jeremy Hunt, will take the same message to Paris.

At a briefing in Parliament on Friday, Vandendriessche said, "We deplore Tusk's statement which also demonstrates the unwillingness of certain European Union officials to work for an agreement and [it] is profoundly distasteful".

The UK housing minister says Prime Minister Theresa May will give parliament another chance to debate and vote on Brexit this month.

Speaking afterwards, May said that the UK "must secure legally-binding changes to the Withdrawal Agreement to deal with the concerns that Parliament has over the backstop", adding, "Taking that together with the other work that we are doing on workers' rights and other issues will deliver a stable majority in the UK Parliament".

The existing Political Declaration - the part of the Brexit deal setting out the goals for the future UK-EU relationship - "explicitly provides for the benefits of a customs union - no tariffs, fees, charges or quantitative restrictions across all sectors and no checks on rules of origin", said the PM.

He acknowledged that more work was needed to get the United Kingdom ready for Brexit on March 29, telling the BBC's Andrew Marr Show there are "still steps that are currently being put in place" but "there is steady work that is going on, 10,000 civil servants that are now focused on this" and the Border Force was "ramping up" its staff.

"We can't allow that to happen", Sir Keir said.

"The prospect is the day after Brexit those deals will disappear", she told Sky News' Sophy Ridge on Sunday.

But a study published early previous year by research firm Cambridge Econometrics estimated that a total of 500,000 British jobs would be at risk if there is no deal.

Switzerland is not a member of the European Union, but its relations with Britain are based on a long line of bilateral agreements between Bern and the bloc.

Prime Minister Theresa May is set to ask MPs for more time to negotiate changes to the Irish border backstop with European Union leaders.

Blair warned Sunday that a no-deal Brexit would inevitably lead to a so-called hard border being reintroduced on the island of Ireland with "potentially devastating" consequences for the peace process in Northern Ireland. They also want a clearer route to agreeing subsequently to a final free trade deal, which would align the country closely with the EU.



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