Microsoft wants you to really stop using Internet Explorer | #99702

Microsoft's security chief claims Internet Explorer isn't a web browser

A Microsoft cybersecurity expert suggested in a recent blog post that you really shouldn't use Internet Explorer as your default browser.

It's no secret that Microsoft isn't the biggest fan of the old Internet Explorer browser but since they introduced Microsoft Edge years ago they have been saying that they would not be supporting Internet Explorer.

Most web app developers these days are testing their apps on modern browsers. He admitted that Microsoft had stopped new web standards for Microsoft Edge and a good number of developers aren't now testing for Internet Explorer.

It is no secret that Internet Explorer is not a reliable browser.

Microsoft felt the need to kill off Internet Explorer in 2015 due to it being a compatibility issue.

Because IE isn't even considered by a growing majority of web developers, people and businesses using the browser to access modern websites are at an inherent disadvantage. However, to be fair to Jackson, he never pushes for any specific web browser to replace Internet Explorer.

It all looks like that Microsoft wants to end the legacy product once and for all, Chris Jackson told that it is fine to use Internet Explorer for certain enterprise solutions, but, still, it should not depend on with full trust as a main web browser.

Many businesses also use Internet Explorer as the browser for all purposes to avoid confusion, which makes sense. For new Edge is better than it has ever been.

However, it struggled in the face of competition, and in May 2012 it was announced that Google's Chrome overtook Internet Explorer as the most used browser worldwide.

The blog goes on to talk about the concept of "technical debt", which was brought into sharp focus this week after details were published of Redmond's pricing structure for supporting Windows 7 beyond next January's end of life date.

Internet Explorer, which was first called Windows Internet Explorer, was first released as part of the add-on package Plus! for Windows 95 in 1995, but since then it has gained a lacklustre reputation.



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