Mars One Is Bankrupt And Down For The Count

The Company That Wanted To Colonise Mars By 2023 Has Gone Bankrupt

A company that promised to send people to live on planet Mars called Mars One Ventures is bankrupt, according to liquidation listing first seen by a Reddit user on r/space. "The bankruptcy also includes Mars One Ventures AG and does not affect the financial position of the Mars One Foundation, which is the main thrust behind the mission", the organization wrote in the post.

Mars One CEO Bas Lansdorp says the Dutch non-profit Mars One Foundation is not affected by the bankruptcy proceedings. Among its critics are MIT researchers, who said the plan would simply kill off all the Mars settlers.

The company said in a short website statement that it is now working with an investor to find a solution to the bankruptcy.

'Mars One has a very innovative business model combining branding and media rights with the increasingly popular topic of space exploration, ' chief executive Oscar Christian said at the time.

Mars One started grabbing headlines in 2012 when the company revealed its insane plan to send humans to Mars in 2020s. Subsequent to receiving applications from individuals all over the world, Mars One chose 100 applicants who could potentially be the first to fly on the trip. The total debts of Mars One amount to CHF 1.1 million (approximately € 1 million). Experts have speculated that a mission to Mars could possibly cost hundreds of billions of dollars. The company goes on to explain that it's going to "redirect its focus" and attempt to actually make good on its claims of a manned Mars mission. "For the execution of the actual voyage to Mars, the company will continue to seek strategic collaboration with renowned companies and organizations involved with the travel to Mars", it now says. In July 2018, an investment deal with Phoenix Enterprises was announced, that was set to inject $12 million into the firm over the coming year.



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