Klopp calm despite Liverpool pressure: Robertson

Klopp calm despite Liverpool pressure: Robertson

'I don't think it's a message to any other team or anything, ' said Robertson.

What Liverpool had to, for themselves and for the title race, was come out with an emphatic win and silence any critics who in recent weeks have seen them as "bottlers", or falling short, and that is exactly what happened. I think that's how it will have to be for Liverpool. If City are going to win back-to-back titles I think they can look towards the last month and think about his influence, he has been outstanding.

"The scarves, the flags, the banners: it was something that I hadn't really experienced". To recap, 15 points separate top dogs Manchester City and sixth-placed Chelsea, and their clash on Sunday finished a whopping 6-0 to the Citizens.

Liverpool have a history of letting things slip and their trips to Old Trafford and Goodison Park now have added narrative.

"I remember those first years going for titles and the weight of expectation and thinking "we have to try to get over the line" and you carry it with you every minute of every day".

Look no further than Aston Villa if you want a Championship classic because they have been part of multiple results ending 3-3 and they were part of the game of the season so far against Nottingham Forest, which finished 5-5. That's compared to the Premier league leaders' average of 2.4 points per game, showing how much more competitive the Championship is, compared to the top-flight. Nobody would have predicted last season's 13th-placed and 14th-placed clubs, Leeds United and Norwich City, to be occupying the summit of the table just less than a year later. They are cracking opponents' heads open and feasting on the goo inside.

Ruthlessness distinguishes the Big Three from their nearest challengers, which is what made Liverpool's dropped points in consecutive games with Leicester and West Ham so notable.

Despite Liverpool playing some brilliant stuff and deservedly racing ahead at Christmas, for me the victor will be Manchester City. He has grabbed games by the scruff of the neck and has been a champion player. They are just unstoppable.

It was a convincing win for the Reds nevertheless with Mane scoring his fourth straight goal in four consecutive appearances for Liverpool; a true display of consistency which his squad needs the most during this time in the league.

However, this is not the case in the Championship as teams go out looking to win every game and this subsequently leads to some of the games of the season.



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