Kevin Colbert on Antonio Brown: 'Interest has grown'

Antonio Brown Can Go But Not for a ‘Steel” – Pittsburgh Issues Statement on Potential Trade

49ers coach Kyle Shanahan said Wednesday that he has not talked to the Pittsburgh Steelers about a possible trade for disgruntled wide receiver Antonio Brown.

It was reported that the Steelers had no-trade zones in the AFC North and with the New England Patriots. "But you can't do that".

". When referencing 52 kids, what I was referencing is Ben Roethlisberger is the only player on our roster that has won a Super Bowl". "He's one of the best players in our league, and he's one of the hardest workers". But if an [AFC North] team comes through with the best compensation, you have to balance that out.

"'OK, we're going to play him twice a year, but we're going to get the best compensation, ' so it's our job to do the better job with the compensation".

"Had a great meeting with Mr.Rooney today we discussed a lot of things and we cleared the air on several issues! We haven't eliminated anybody".

But while reiterating the team's stance that the Steelers won't give Brown away just to be rid of him, Colbert also said there is no timeframe in which he would like to get a deal completed.

"We're in the market for anything that makes our team better at every single position", Shanahan said.

But, given that Brown will be 31 when the 2019 season rolls around, some teams might be hesitant to trade for a receiver who could be heading into the twilight years of his career. "But I would say simply this: You know, that's something I - you know, again we haven't really ventured that far into yet - so, simply put, it's like at this point in time we're sort of evaluating the free-agency market, not the trade market, and we'll see how that one unfolds".

Shanahan indicated he's willing to take a deeper look into the situation with Brown and the Steelers. "If not, then we'll look at how - if we don't trade Antonio and he's going to be back with us - what may be the benefits and what may be the drawbacks of that. If it doesn't, then it won't".

"Anything we do has to benefit us".



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