How to blur your background on Skype video calls

Skype Background Blur Feature

AI-powered background blur available on Skype video calls, a direct port of the same feature on Microsoft Teams. Well, Microsoft is solving that problem this week by adding background blur to Skype video calls. And that is why Microsoft is resorting to some Artificial Intelligence to implement background blur in Skype video chats on desktops. The AI keeps the rest of the background blurred.

The tech titan first introduced background blur to its Teams software past year, before launching it for desktop Skype users this week.

Alternatively, you can start a video call, open the Audio & Video Settings menu, and tap "Blur my background", then close the menu to return to the conversation. So like other free calling and messaging apps, Skype is also updating itself for sake of its users by launching Skype new Feature.

What this means to you: Skype's background blurring doesn't totally obscure what's behind you the way a green-screen effect would, but it's effective at keeping the focus on what matters.

It really is a neat technology application, however it does assume you still use Skype in 2019 and that's probably a stretch for most users.

So all the messy people around, are you excited to use the background blur feature?

Now, before you get carried away and decide it's totally cool to leave up all those Fight Club posters in your home office, Skype does issue a pretty important note of caution. Now it's available in the latest desktop versions of Skype, starting today. The tech giant, Microsoft has clarified that they did their best to make sure that the background will stay blurred. In other words, you probably don't want to rely on it to hide any truly shameful living or working conditions.



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