Google's Next Pixel Devices Might Have Real Dual SIM Support

Google's Pixel 4 may offer improved dual-SIM functionality, according to an AOSP commit

"In general, some devices will be single SIM, even if they contain two SIM cards, as the Pixel 2018 case and that is a valid configuration".

The dual SIM support is interesting for a couple of reasons. Now, it being alleged that with Google Pixel 4 series, Google will offer Dual SIM, Dual Standby (DSDS) feature. So technically speaking, Google may be able to introduce real Dual SIM, Dual Active support for the Pixel 3 with a software update if the company wanted to. Users can connect both SIMs to a network, but they cannot be active at the same time. Making it possible for future Pixel smartphones to use both a physical SIM and eSim simultaneously.

Pixel 4's rumored DSDS mode, which sounds like it will run on the same SIM/eSIM configuration as the previous Pixels, should work more like Apple's iPhone XS: When both SIMs are inserted, activated and standing by, a call or text can come through on either. You aren't required to purchase two identical phones to take advantage of the promotion, any combination of Pixel 3 or Pixel 3 XL phones will work regardless of their storage capacity. According to code recently added to the open source foundation of Android, we've got a hint of one potential upgrade: better dual-SIM support. The former supports multiple SIM cards but not DSDS, but the comment implies the latter will support DSDS. Interestingly, the same commit stated that the dual SIM capability can be enabled on Pixel 3 devices, even though it's only for dogfooding.

Google's Pixel devices have always been the talk of the town, and before there is any official information on the upcoming Pixel 4, we know that it is going to be released in the last quarter of this year along with its siblings. It will be interesting to see if the dual SIM support will be available in all regions, though.



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