Gmail's Right-Click Menu Just Got a Lot More Useful

The Gmail right-click menu is getting supercharged

Google says the new right-click menu is rolling out to G Suite users today, starting with organizations on the "Rapid Release" update cycle. The new options include things like reply to, forward, search for emails from a sender, search for emails within the same subject, open multiple emails in multiple windows at the same time, quickly add labels to emails, mute a conversation, and move an email. While useful, that's almost not enough, as that menu alone could feature additional options that could boost your productivity.

Google has, over the years, turned Gmail into an immensely powerful email tool that is among the most popular email clients in the world.

Thanks to this solution, just to give an example, who prepares invoices can with an app could fill automatically information and product numbers. Even if you have, you may not be using the resulting menu much, as it now only offers three options: archive, mark as unread, and delete.

Gmail is finally getting the right-click features we've always wanted

We already know most of you use the Gmail app on your Android phones, so we're also assuming most of you use the standard Gmail web interface, too. It'll also work with the menu key on Windows keyboards. Google hasn't announced dates for a full roll-out to all users, but if past experience anything to go by, we can expect to see the new menu in all inboxes within a month or so. Note the updated right-click context menu will be switched on by default.

The update means that it is now possible to perform more actions directly from the inbox.



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