Facebook Messenger: How to quickly unsend embarrassing messages

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Facebook began working on the unsend feature last April, after it was reported that a number of Zuckerberg's old Facebook messages had mysteriously disappeared from the recipients' inboxes years after the fact.

Most of us would have accidentally sent a message to a wrong person or mistyped something during a chat. Unfortunately, it only gives you up to 10 minutes to delete the message. Choosing "Remove For Everyone" deletes that message from view for all participants in the particular chat.

Like Messenger, there's also an option to delete messages you yourself have sent, although this has no effect on your messages received by others. "Tapping 'remove for everyone" will permanently delete the message from your chat and the receiving party's chat.

Facebook said it would also allow users to report any harmful messages which are sent and then deleted for a limited time in order to prevent abuse of the feature.

Open the message thread with the message you want to kill.

Facebook first started rolling out the feature on a smaller scale last fall, testing it out among Android users in Poland, Bolivia, Colombia and Lithuania.

Today, Facebook announced that the new unsend option is now rolling out to the Messenger app on Android and iOS.

Facebook is letting users remove messages even if they've already been seen by other users, but obviously you won't be able to remove that embarrassing photo from their mind. The latter option will function in the same way the current Delete option works.

After selecting 'Remove for Everyone, ' users will get a warning that says: 'You'll permanently remove this message for all chat members. Florencia Herra-Vega, the CTO of encrypted messaging app Peerio, told Business Insider via message.



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