Ellen DeGeneres shaves off Julian Edelman's beard

Julian Edelman tells Tom Brady in Super Bowl LIII'They can't cover

Days after helping the New England Patriots win their sixth Super Bowl and capturing Super Bowl LIII MVP honors in the process, Julian Edelman accomplished maybe his greatest feat of the year. "I can't sit here and (due to) the league rules say what happened".

As Degeneres raises the clippers toward his face (after comically making her hand shake), Edelman said, "Wait, wait". This is what I was put here to do. You learn a lot from that.

The New England Patriots have won yet another Super Bowl title, while the AFC East powerhouse has now won three of the last five and two of the last three National Football League championships. A lot of things go down and then you end up ... a huge low of your life.

"When (the suspension) happened, I had a strong corner behind me", Edelman said. My father and I kind of just sat back and said, 'All right, we have a problem here.

He fielded several questions about the season and his facial feature, including how he maintains the beard and if he is every tackled by defenders pulling on it. Edelman said he has not cut his beard this season. "I apologize. It'll never happen again". "I served what I had to serve and I accept that".

Edelman actually appeared genuinely caught off guard by Ellen's proposition but was still game enough not only to take her up on the offer but also match the donation with $10,000 of his own money. I was like, 'Either these guys know what all our plays are, or they're gonna ball out in the game.' You could see it. "From this whole thing, I've learned that you've just got to stay in your routine, and you've just got to work your way out of it".



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