E-cigarette use 'skyrocketing' among young Americans

Number of US teens using e-cigarettes surges to 5m in one year – study

E-cigarettes caused an uptick in tobacco use among America's adolescents in 2018, reversing years of progress on reducing youth tobacco use, according to federal health officials. "It's putting a new generation at risk for nicotine addiction".

On Feb. 4, organizers from anti-tobacco group NYC Smoke Free traveled with students to the capital on Legislative Education Day, to show their support for more comprehensive tobacco control programs. (D-Burlington), a physician who heads the health committee, and John Armato (D-Atlantic) - would amend existing laws to prohibit individuals from completing the delivery of a tobacco product or e-cigarette device to any Garden State residence without first obtaining the signature of a person, 21 years of age or older who lives there.

In a Monday morning press conference, Brian King, MPH, of the CDC's Office on Smoking and Health noted that while cigarette smoking among youth did not increase in 2018, it did not decline and the popularity of e-cigarettes could be impacting youth smoking rates.

The US categorises e-cigarettes as tobacco products, a definition not shared by all countries. However, there were 1.5 million more youth e-cigarette users previous year compared with 2017, and those who were vaping used the devices more often.

"The kids using e-cigarettes are children who rejected conventional cigarettes, but don't see the same stigma associated with the use of e-cigarettes", Gottlieb said in a statement. Across middle school students a year ago, any tobacco product use was reported among 9.5% of Hispanics and 6.8% of non-Hispanic blacks, and it dropped to 6.6% of non-Hispanic whites and dropped again to 3.8% of non-Hispanic students of other races. In the past, Gottlieb has said that he would consider halting sales of e-cigarettes while companies go through the FDA review.

The team exposed the cells to different concentrations of cigarette smoke, e-cigarette vapour and vapour from a heated tobacco device, and measured whether this was damaging to cells and whether it affected the cells' normal functions.

Battery-powered e-cigarettes heat a nicotine liquid that users inhale, and have been gaining popularity in the United States and overseas.

Vaping began to take off among young Americans in the 2010s, and overtook cigarette smoking in 2014.

You must already be at least 21 years old to purchase tobacco products in the Garden State, which also prohibits smoking in public places, including (as of last month) parks and beaches.

And many kids don't limit themselves to one type of tobacco product, the CDC found. "I fear this trend will continue in 2019, forcing us to make some tough decisions about the regulatory status of e-cigarettes".

The findings were published February 11 in the CDC publication Vital Signs. Of the thousands of e-cigarette flavors now on the market, which ones are the least popular among Vermont teens? The new analysis of 2018 data from National Youth Tobacco Surveys was published Monday by the CDC in a Vital Signs report.



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