Doctor hails 'miracle' baby girl in good spirits after drain ordeal

Paramedics rescue a newborn girl from a drain in Newlands East Durban on 11 February 2019

Emergency crews spent three hours trying to reach the infant, who was lodged some 23ft down the drain. "Durban fire department and the police search and rescue [unit] have cleared around the pipe and are trying to reach the child".

Resident, Barbara Cox (53) said she first heard about the discovery of the baby just after 6am and rushed to the busy rescue scene.

She escaped with only a mild case of hypothermia and "a few minor abrasions", according to local journalist Bernadette Wilks.

Emergency services quickly descended on the scene and following a lengthy operation - which saw them dig down to the pipe, cut it open and pull the baby out - managed to rescue her.

He said she was transported to Albert Luthuli Hospital via the AMS Medical Helicopter. She is basically stable enough for transfer to one of the base hospitals where they can sort out the social side. "Our miracle baby was taken out of the drain alive, looking healthy and strong", a relieved Cox said. "The community was very helpful and supportive which we are also grateful for".

The newborn was found trapped seven metres deep in the pipe in the early hours of this morning.

It is not known how the baby got there, or who the mother is.



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