Cancer lingers, but fight against it prevails in Turkey and the world

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While Shaukat Khanum hospital is committed to provide best cancer care facilities to every citizen, irrespective of their ability to pay, it is also imperative to spread awareness about the disease. The only answer to receiving an early diagnosis is encouraging people to take action and visit their GP. While malaria can now be suppressed through administration of curative drugs, and mitigation measures like sleeping under treated mosquito nets; cancers when detected at advanced stage have proven hard to remedy.

"Today is World Cancer Day which the whole world observes and it's also the beginning of Croatian Cancer Week". Decision-makers can be reassured that a cancer control plan will not create a costly vertical programme, but should be integrated with non-communicable diseases and other related programmes to make better use of available resources.

Of pressing need is integrating national cancer control programmes into health systems at every level.

It explains how old and young people can be vulnerable and gender stereotypes combined with a lack of men's health promotion, can prevent men from seeking help even when they might suspect cancer early on.

Stephen Spiteri said that patients as well as NGOs in the cancer sector need to be given more space in the design of national and European policies in this field. Both the stomach cancer patients and deaths in China account for approximately 50 percent of the global total. It could also mean strengthening immunization programmes to ensure everyone receives the hepatitis B vaccine and all females receive the human papillomavirus vaccine.

As such, the UICC has launched a three-year campaign called "I am and I will", which is calling on governments, the health community, and individuals to raise awareness of cancer prevention. By avoiding behaviors that are linked to cancer we can reduce our own risk while encouraging our peers to do the same. Through this awareness program we are education women about early detection and awareness.

World Health Organization is committed to working with Member States to strengthen cancer prevention and control programmes Region-wide.

And in this area, he says, Rwanda is doing well with coverage of 93 per cent. A team of oncologist doctors including Gynecologist Dr Veena Aurangabadwala, Oncologist Dr Tanveer Majheed, Oncologist Dr Advait Gore and Oncologist Dr Nilesh Lokeshwar briefed about breast cancer, its common causes and talks on the subject like whether it is curable, self-examination of breast and how one can do it and also on cervical cancer - causes and prevention.



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