Born 'Fox & Friends' host Pete Hegseth: Germs 'not a real thing'

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"I innoculate myself. Germs are not a real thing".

Fox News' @PeteHegseth admits, unprompted, that he hasn't washed his hands in 10 years.

"We're on a show and we have fun and we banter and I'm like, eh, you know, maybe I haven't washed my hands for 10 years", he said.

Speaking on Fox and Friends, Hegseth said the infectious micro-organisms did not exist because they could not be seen with the naked eye.

'My 2019 resolution is to say things on air that I say off air. "Therefore they're not real", he explained.

A United States television host has raised eyebrows after claiming on air he hasn't washed his hands in 10 years.

One co-host, smiling, exclaimed, "Someone help me", nearly as though she was providing an adequate button on which to end this conversation.

The President himself is a self-described "clean hands freak", writing in his 1997 book The Art of the Comeback: "I happen to be a clean hands freak".

Hegseth's co-host Jedediah Bila, who was sitting next to him, jokingly replied, "Someone help me".

BIlah asked laughing: "So you're becoming immune to all the bacteria?"

A Fox News spokeswoman told The Washington Post Hegseth was joking, of course, which he later said was "obvious".

He also implied he was just goofing around when MSNBC correspondent Chris Hayes tweeted, "he's.... pretty clearly joking?" "Twitter really has come full circle", Hegseth wrote on Twitter.

He elaborated in an interview with USA Today.

Hegseth's thinking is at-odds with science which has long confirmed that germs, and microbes live nearly everywhere: on food, animals, and plants, in the air, and in soil and water and on people's hands.

However, the Centers for Disease Control disagrees, its advice online reminds people that "regular hand-washing particularly before and after certain activities, is one of the best ways to remove germs, avoid getting sick, and prevent the spread of germs to others".



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