BET apologises to Nicki Minaj for unauthorised tweet

BET apologises to Nicki Minaj for unauthorised tweet

The seventh annual concert series will be held June 20-22 at the Staples Center in Los Angeles ahead of the BET Awards on June 23.

Earlier in the day, Nicki announced herself, Lil Wayne and the Young Money team would be ghost at BET's summer events.

Everything started when Cardi B became the first ever female rapper to win a Grammy for the Best Rap Album.

The tweet has been deleted and, in a statement, BET apologized to Minaj for the "hurt, disappointment and confusion that this post has caused".

Nicki did not take this well at all and hit Twitter to say "Young Money will no longer be a part of the BET Experience or award show". Unfortunately the respect we have for Nicki was violated by this post that should never have been written.

On Monday, Nicki Minaj aired out BET for taking a shot at her on Twitter.

Someone commented "Don't feel obligated to apologize for y'all said what y'all said she backed out on her lil performance it's okay we can find someone else to perform. And further does not reflect our company values". We are committed to doing everything we can to address the situation.

Nicki Minaj also encouraged her Barbz to get refunds for their tickets and laughed like a proud mama as they dragged their lacefront. "I can't thank you guys enough for all the love & support you continue to show me". Whether I read it or not, I felt it. Later on, she tweeted that she pissed off the same man that Ariana just called out for lying and that's why she does not have a Grammy. I love you so much. But I'll tell my fans the real on the next episode of #QueenRadio they deserve the truth.



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