Apple's Video Streaming Service Expected to Launch in April

Apple could release new AirPods, iPad Mini 5 and its long-awaited AirPower charging mat this spring

The publication notes that it is unlikely that the company will talk about any physical products at the March event, including the AirPods 2 or the rumoured next-generation iPad mini.

Since a lot of enthusiasts are waiting for Apple's Video service that was rumored to debut sometime in April, we could assume that this March event will be a good occasion for Apple to reveal all the details about this new subscription service. As reported by the Wall Street Journal, Apple is pitching its planned service as "Netflix for news", with subscribers paying $10 a month for a curated news feed of stories not accessible in the current News app. Reports claim Apple wants to keep half the revenue from that subscription fee, with publishers getting the rest based on how much time readers spend on their respective stories. The differences, if any, could be in the sensors, to improve the performance of the iPods.

AirPods 2, the AirPower charging mat, and next-generation iPads might appear at a mid-March event, with preorders starting March 22.

Speculation has been building for several months now that Apple will release a new version of the smallest iPad in its tablet lineup.

OnLeaks also claims that a wireless charging case for the AirPods could be coming to consumers first, and will ship with the original true wireless earbuds.

Another highly-anticipated product that could be on the way is Apple's AirPower charging mat.

News publishers are also concerned over the lack of access about the customer information from Apple as they would like to use that date to market their products to the customers directly.

OnLeaks, on the other hand, has written a Tweet stating that his sources has told him that the new AirPods will not be released until "the fall".

The report also claimed AirPower struggled to communicate with corresponding iOS devices, which means that it can't accurately predict what the charge levels are for those items.

A separate report from Mac Otakara said Apple could ultimately decide to stick with the Lightning port in its upcoming iPhones.



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