Apple, VA to let veterans access their health records on iPhone

Health record screen from Health app on iPhone

Veterans across the USA will soon be able to see medical information from participating institutions. "It's truly an honor to contribute to the improved healthcare of America's heroes".

Apple has announced that its Health Records feature on the iPhone will soon be available to military veterans.

The data available to veterans will include allergies, conditions, immunizations, lab results, medications, procedures, and vitals, Apple explains. Once this new feature is up and running, Vets getting medical attention through the Veterans Health Administration will be able to see their records in one place from the different VHA organizations where they've received treatment. "By bringing Health Records on iPhone to VA patients, we hope veterans will experience improved healthcare that will enhance their lives".

Apple has been working with the US Department of Veteran Affairs, more commonly called the VA, to make veteran health records accessible on the iPhone.

Apple introduced health record sharing with iOS 12, and this appears to be a natural extension of that. The patients will receive an integrated snapshot of their entire health profile with just one tap on the screen.

For those not in the know, Apple Health Records lets patients aggregate health records from multiple institutions alongside their patient-generated data. The medical records data is secured with encryption, plus there's the iPhone's own lock for extra security.

Last year, Apple announced it was partnering with more than 100 hospitals and 39 healthcare systems, but with 9 million people on the books across 1,243 facilities, the VA is the largest healthcare system in the U.S. It means that U.S. veterans receiving care through the Veterans Health Administration will soon be able to view their aggregated health records on a smartphone.

Apple's goal, according to Kevin Lynch, its vice president of technology, is to give veterans the opportunity "to better understand and improve their health".



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