Wisconsin girl, 13, didn't know man who abducted her, killed her parents

Gordon Wisconsin. Nutter walking her dog near the cabin she owns with her husband Forrest on January 10 encountered Jayme Closs coming out of nearby woods

Investigators believe 21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson gunned down James and Denise Closs in their home near Barron in October and abducted their 13-year-old daughter, Jayme.

Fitzgerald said Friday that authorities do not know how Patterson became aware of Closs, as he reportedly never had contact with her family. Authorities are working to track their movements over the past three months. He says Jayme told Federal Bureau of Investigation agents that she didn't know Patterson at all. Police say he was out on the streets looking for Jayme after she escaped. "We know he lived in that house alone", he said. Did he buy clothes for her?

They gave no details on how she escaped except to say Patterson was not home at the time.

The sheriff said Patterson had been keeping Jayme against her will at his home. "We can't be more proud of Jayme". They say she was "the only target".

Jayme's grandfather, Robert Naiberg, said in a telephone interview on Saturday the only thing the family knows for sure is that no one knew Patterson.

Ms Nutter said Jayme was skinny, dirty and wearing shoes too large for her feet.

What's unclear, however, is how and why Patterson - from the remote community of Gordon, two counties from Barron - allegedly chose Jayme for kidnapping.

Anyone with information about Bond may call the Rutherford County Sheriff's Office at 615-898-7720. Jayme had been at home when the killing took place, Fitzgerald said.

Authorities have said they don't believe Patterson crossed paths with Jayme's parents there. The only link between them is that Jake worked for a single day at the Jennie-O turkey plant where Jayme's parents were employed for 27 years.

Patterson's parents divorced in 2008, according to online court records. Investigators are trying to determine whether he worked at another job in the area.

Detectives believe Closs was held by suspected abductor, Jake Thomas Petterson, 21, in a rural cabin near where she was spotted, and about 60 miles from her family home in Barron.

"Call 911!" the dog walker told Kasinskas. When the dispatcher called back, a voicemail greeting indicated the phone belonged to Denise Closs, 46.

Police arrived to find the door kicked in, Jayme missing and her parents dead.

For months, thousands of people joined search parties as investigators received thousands of tips.

Neighbor Daphne Ronning told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel that the parents moved away but that Patterson and his older brother, Erik, continued to stay in the cabin.

Jeanne Nutter was walking her dog near the cabin she owns with her husband on 10 January when she encountered Jayme Closs coming out of nearby woods. "(Jayme) don't know him from Adam.

She brought Jayme to the home of neighbours Kristin and Peter Kasinskas, as it was farther away from where she found the teenager.

"She said to us that, 'This person killed my parents and took me, '" Kasinskas said. "She said that this person usually hides her or hides her when others are near, or when he has to leave the household".

"I have no clue who they are", she said.

Shortly after law enforcement came for Jayme, they arrested Patterson in his vehicle, while he apparently was looking for the girl. Charges are expected against Patterson on Monday, when he is expected to make his initial appearance in court.

She was due to be reunited with her extended family later on Friday.

A picture circulated around social media of Closs smiling next to her aunt Jennifer Smith. At some point on Thursday, she escaped the home on foot and found her way to safety.