Winter Storm WARNING Issued for Our Area

Winter Storm Warnings Advisories in effect for Tri-State

We are expecting another 1 to 4 inches of additional accumulation, with the most falling south of the city. Eventually, the snow will come to an end for good Saturday evening around 8 p.m.

Strong winter winds held temperatures below 40 degrees for the first time this year on Thursday, which ended a 28-day streak of above normal temperatures at Reagan National Airport, our longest stretch of "warmth" in winter in over a decade. Much of the day will be dry and no issues are expected outside of the mountains and possibly a little in the foothills. Temperatures will slip to the upper 20s and back to the upper 30s on Saturday. A few spots could drop into the lower 30s which means rain could transition into snow or a wintry mix.

The storm was moving through the Plains and Midwest states Friday and Saturday, bringing snow from Kansas to Ohio.

Areas further to the south will get the most snow, with parts of South Jersey and northern DE seeing as much as 3-5 inches.

FOX 5's Gwen Tolbart says snow totals are continuing to increase for the area heading into Saturday evening, with most places now seeing light snow. South of the Triad less than ½ inch of snow and sleet. This also extends south into Randolph and all of Davidson counties.