Windows 10 Will Need Reserved Storage Space For Future Updates

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Microsoft's latest batch of monthly security patches appears to be causing considerable grief, not just for Windows 7 users - who were hit by network issues as we saw yesterday - but also those running Windows 10 April 2018 Update. Windows 10 version 1903 will be Microsoft's spring "semiannual channel" release. It should also prevent users from seeing an error message related to storage space when trying to update their PC. Microsoft explains that you can reduce the size of reserved storage by reducing the number of Optional Features and languages you have installed.

This "feature" will be coming to Windows 10 in the first half of 2019 which will reserve storage for updates, apps, temporary files, and system caches.

Windows 10 users with Build 18298 now have the option to try out this feature. It can be found in the latest Windows Insider Program test release of Windows 10, which was announced on Wednesday.

The change was reverted the following day, but systems will remain affected until administrators remove an earlier update, KB971033. Normally, Windows will shift all the temporary files to the reserved space.

"In the next major release of Windows (19H1), we anticipate that reserved storage will start at about 7GB, however the amount of reserved space will vary over time based on how you use your device". This is especially important for devices with limited storage space, and have nearly all of them used up. The reserved space isn't entirely lost during normal usage, with certain temporary files having their disk usage charged against reserved space rather than free space.

Microsoft's new storage policy may have been aimed at ensuring there are fewer instances of failed updates. Lack of space is one of the most common reasons why you can't install updates.

A "feature update", which upgrades the operating system and arrives twice per year, can require "6GB-11GB or more of free space", according to a Microsoft support article.