The Witcher 3 Content To Hit Monster Hunter World Next Month

Monster Hunter World Witcher Event Date

This would be the second crossover that Geralt has taken part in.

Nearly one year ago the Monster Hunter franchise made its way back to consoles with the release of Monster Hunter: World, and millions of future monster hunters everywhere dove head first into the adventure.

Capcom announced that you can play the White Wolf on the PS4 and Xbox One on February 8, 2019, for free.

Before the end of 2018, Capcom revealed new details on their upcoming plans for their megahit action hunting title - Monster Hunter World. PC players will receive this update at a later, unspecified date. We also don't know if the crossover will stay in the game or be a temporary event, however it seems like it'll be something that stays in the game. This special event marks the game's one-year anniversary since launch, and will begin on the 26th of January.

Lastly, we've yet to hear from Capcom about the release date of the "Monster Hunter World" expansion patch, Iceborne.

Capcom also says Monster Hunter World's Witcher collaboration was developed closely with CD Projekt Red, the studio behind The Witcher games. And the new cross-over event is bringing way more than just a simple costume change, as Geralt comes over as a brand-new fleshed-out character.