THE PUNISHER: Frank Does What Frank Does Best in Season Two Trailer

Jon Bernthal Frank Castle The Punisher Season 2 Netflix

Marvel and Netflix have released the full trailer for The Punisher Season 2, which sees Frank Castle hitting the road as he tries to move on from his past.

The Punisher Season 2 premieres on Netflix on January 18th. This season, judging by this 2-minute clip, is going to be even bloodier. Only this time, it is not personal - exactly. Do you think it will be better than the first season?

It's soon uncovered that Bendix suffered a similar tragedy as Castle - whose family was, of course, brutally slaughtered - as she tells him, "They killed everybody I've ever cared about". She responds that he was just looking for an excuse. Showing Castle both dishing out and taking some beatings, this second season looks to be as nasty as the last as the character enters a bigger world of crime, now overseen by the returning Billy Russo (Ben Barnes). He may not be Jigsaw, yet.

"I dreamed about the Punisher every night".

"I'm not the one who dies, kid", he grumbles, "I'm the one who does the killing". Marvel films and television shows are always action-packed and from the looks of the new episodes, we can all expect to be wowed with some fast-paced scenes. It garnered positive critical reception and has built up a considerable fan-following.

That headline reflects the fact that along with being burned out watching Marvel Netflix shows, I am now burned out writing about their promotional stuff as well. After that, it may find itself on Disney+, the House of Mouse's upcoming streaming service, or disappear into oblivion.

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