The Lexus LC Convertible Concept Is Absolutely Magnificent

The Lexus LC Convertible Is Here To Fill Your Ears With N/A V8 Noise

You're looking at the new 2019 Lexus LC Convertible, the chop-top open-air version of the slinky full-sized coupe at the top of Lexus's range. We'd like to apply that same present tense to its status as a production vehicle.

Lexus doesn't offer powertrain details, but there doesn't appear to be anything preventing either the existing 5.0-litre V8 or the hybrid 3.5-litre V6 from being available as a convertible.

Lexus has always been very ambitious with the LC, with good reason, and the company will be keen to see the convertible version extend its reach further into exalted sporting territory.

Until your eye reaches the roof, the LC Convertible Concept is identical to the existing coupe.

The interior picks up most of the design elements of the currrent Lexus LC coupe.

It's not clear whether the contoured rear hides a folding hard-top or a fabric roof, but the recent trend towards the latter would suggest that Lexus fits a soft-top. Based on our time in its coupe sibling, we'd prefer not to be assigned to those back seats. In fact, it's one of the better coupe-to-convertible progressions we've seen of late-though full praise for the look may need to be held until we've seen the auto with the top up. But, save for those giant 22-inch wheels, everything on it looks showroom-friendly.

Toyota hasn't revealed which of the two available LC powertrains lie under the hood of this vehicle, or if both (or something totally different) will be available on the production version.

"You would see its dynamic lines as you approach, hear its engine when you started it up and feel everything around you once on the road", Mori-san said.

We'd argue the concept indicates Lexus' plans for a convertible version of the LC, which will likely be officially confirmed before the end of the year.