Swedish hospital investigating a suspected Ebola case, authorities say

Person is being treated after suspicion of Ebola contamination

A man in Sweden is being treated for suspected Ebola contamination at Uppsala University Hospital, the regional authority said Friday.

Region Uppsala, which oversees several hospitals and medical clinics north of Stockholm, says a test had been carried out on the patient, who was not identified, adding a result would be available late Friday.

In a statement, Swedish officials said: "The emergency room at the hospital is therefore now closed".

The infectious disease is not believed to be active in this area.

The medic, who was not originally showing any signs of Ebola, is expected to be in isolation at a hospital in Nebraska for another week.

The Democratic Republic of Congo has been experiencing an Ebola outbreak for nearly six months, which has killed 356 of the 585 people infected.

It did not confirm the person definitely had the Ebola virus and said "other diseases are quite possible".

The Ebola epidemic in West Africa ended two years ago after claiming the lives of as many as 11,300 people across Sierra Leone, Liberia and Guinea. Other patients in need of emergency care are meanwhile advised to go to Uppsala University Hospital or Västmanland Hospital in Västerås. The hemorrhagic fever's virus is spread via contact with the bodily fluids of those infected.



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