Stunning TVs From CES 2019 You'll Want in Your Living Room

CES: Samsung Reveals Massive New 8K TV

Called the LG Signature OLED TV R, the TV is expected to go on sale later this year.

There's been a big push towards not just high quality resolution panels, but those that can faithfully recreate TV shows and films as their creators intended - just look at Sony, which has thrown in a Netflix Calibrated Mode on all its Master Series TVs. You may be watching this newscast right now on a 4K television, but pretty soon you'll want one of these 8K TVs. A MicroLED TV is a new display technology that uses millions of tiny LED's to create a larger image.

The South Korean company already has 146-inch version of The Wall, which Samsung unveiled a year ago at the tech show. The burgeoning resolution is coming to more and more flagship televisions, even if few people will be able to make use of it with actual 8K content. It is powered by the company's second-gen Alpha 9 processor. Who really needs an 8K TV?

The Wall can also be used to display photos or artwork when not in use.

"As consumers are buying bigger and bigger TVs, they're not moving their couches back so they're sitting closer and closer to the TV", the expert said. The previous one was also Samsung's own 85-inch model launched a year ago.