State bill introduced to nix personal exemptions for measles vaccine

Washington measles outbreak is causing concern among Idaho health officials

Twenty-four of the cases were in children between 1 and 10 years old.

Lindquist added that officials are particularly concerned that "folks that are immuno-compromised - pregnant women, young kids and those that are unvaccinated - could be at risk for this disease" without realizing it because the telltale measles rash might not appear for four days into the sickness.

The number of confirmed measles cases near Portland grew to 31 on Friday - an outbreak boosted by lower-than-normal vaccination rates in what has been called an anti-vaccination U.S. There are nine additional suspected cases of measles, according to officials.

A measles vaccine at Miami Children's Hospital on January 28, 2015. Health officials expect the number of cases to continue to rise. In recent years, however, the viral illness has popped up again from NY to California and sickened hundreds.

The King County case was in a man in his 50s, who was hospitalized for the disease, which he may have acquired during a recent trip to Clark County, according to local officials.

According to the Clark County Department of Public Health's investigation, at least 30 of its recorded cases were in people who were not immunized against the virus. One dose is about 93 percent effective. One to three cases out of every 1,000 are fatal, he said.

There were 34 cases of the measles in Clark County, which sits on the state's southern border, just across the Columbia River from Portland, Oregon.

Measles was once a deadly disease among American children until a vaccine for it became available in 1963.

"It's their lives on the line, honestly, if they're not vaccinated and something like this happens, then what am I going to do to save them?"

British Columbians can update their immunization status at any time, especially before travelling.

HB-1638 would only apply to measles, mumps, and rubella vaccines in the "philosophical or personal objections" category.

There is also one case in King County, which includes Seattle. The measles vaccine consists of two shots, one given by age 2 and the second usually between ages 4 and 6. Authorities in neighboring OR and Idaho have issued warnings.

Instead, she recommends calling ahead and expressing concerns about measles so the care team can provide guidance on how to most safely bring in the patient.

Measles is known to be highly contagious - in other words, very easy to contract if an unvaccinated, non-immune person is exposed.

The measles vaccine has been part of routine childhood shots for decades, and measles was declared eliminated in the 2000.



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