Samsung will make life even harder for iPhone on February 20

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"Samsung TVs will not only have incredible 8K resolution on a 98" screen, they will also have more cross-platform compatibility than ever before. Even if you're not at home, you can use your Samsung phone to write down a note for your kid in case you're going to be home a bit late.

It seems like Samsung had a 5G prototype on display at CES 2019, but nearly nobody noticed it. Select TVs are now available for pre-order. One high-level executive told the publication that when unfolded, the phone does not show any crease indicating it has been bent, adding that the device's screen felt smooth to the touch.

The Family Hub offers the simplified connectivity the family members to interact in a personalized way. Especially these new Samsung home appliances that have a whole bunch of technology integrated into them. Family Hub also helps foster food management and connected home experience.

The new front load washer, also a 2019 CES Innovation Award victor, can finish a full load in just 30 minutes2 with the SuperSpeed feature. Laundry Planner allows you to select wash cycles and finish time-based on your schedule.

It's official: Samsung will show off its newest flagship on February 20 at an event in San Francisco. What do you think of Samsung's new home appliance offerings?

The interface has been completely redesigned from the ground up. Beyond aesthetics, Samsung's Space Monitor is a feature-rich, high-performance monitor. The new Digital Cockpit uses onboard cameras to recognise specific drivers and passengers and then adjusting preferences accordingly.

All of this is possible thanks to Cellular-V2X technology that incorporates Samsung's expertise in mobile network solutions with automotive technologies.

In order to power tomorrow's AI technologies, Samsung emphasized that today's AI infrastructure must evolve to handle intelligence at the edge. It's due to launch the device at some point this year. Now, the interesting thing is, this prototype has a notch in the top-right corner, which is something the final unit nearly certainly will not have, as it will be a part of the Galaxy S10 lineup, more on that later.

Samsungs connected living innovations will be available this spring.