Samsung unveils ultimate gaming and business PC monitors

Samsung high-end monitor line gets three CES 2019 heavy-hitters

Samsung's newest monitors may have you doing a double take, as the company introduces models with awesome ultra-wide screens, eye-popping resolution, and a sleek design that's unlike any desktop monitor we've seen. It can also support up to one billion colours and its 3-sided bezel-less screen is attached to a slender yet sturdy V-slim metal stand with a two-prong base that encases cables, reducing the footprint on your desk.

Samsung's presence is always felt at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), and while the event is around the corner, information on debuting products are already rolling in, including a bunch of Samsung's high-end monitors. And the name Space Monitor is not referring to where it could be used but because it gives you space. This curved display is being aimed primarily at content creators, with 3840 x 2160 resolution and a 2,500:1 contrast ratio. When raised, the rear of the monitor has enough space for that arm to hide on the back of the screen, allowing it to lie that much flatter. Built for a superior gaming experience, the monitor also features AMD Radeon FreeSync™ 2 HDR technology to reduce stutter, screen tearing and input latency to ensure the best possible frame rate and smoothest gaming experience.

The Korean tech giant said it will showcase the 49-inch CRG9 monitor that comes with a curved screen sporting a 32:9 aspect ratio.

A demo of Samsung's Space Monitor.

Combine that with some insane thin bezels (everywhere except on the bottom) and a neat cable management system (through the monitor's arm), and you get a really interesting option for anyone that's lacking for space or simply building a minimalist work environment.

The Space Monitor is available in two models, one with a 27-inch QHD and a 32-inch version with 4K display that costs Dollars 500. The UR59C is 32-inch curved 4K display "designed from content creators". Samsung also designed the CRG9 with a smaller stand size for convenience and flexibility in every gamer's space. For the Samsung Space Monitor, the focus is on adaptability. Samsung's taken its invisibility-is-golden, flush-against-the-wall TV design aesthetic and applied it to its new line of minimalist Space Monitors, which debuts with 27- and 32-inch models at CES 2019. The various cables can be accommodated within the arm for a clutterless work experience. All three of them are impressive monitors for varying reasons too, though we can't imagine any of them will be budget-friendly displays.



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