Rams turn to running game

Tony Romo isn’t feeling the Cowboys as major threats to make it to the Super Bowl. More

The time is now for the Dallas Cowboys and the Los Angeles Rams to square off against each other with their seasons on the line and the victor gaining an invitation to the NFC Championship game.

The Rams last played during Week 17, where they beat the 49ers 48-32. With teams like the Seahawks, Rams, Eagles, Chicago Bears, and New Orleans Saints in the conference, every move will matter this offseason for Stephen Jones and Co.

"It was incredible what they did today", Goff said of the Rams' running backs.

As insurance, Los Angeles made the decision to sign veteran C.J.

While the Rams dominated on the ground, the Cowboys were unable to get their rushing game on track. Anderson to provide an extra boost in the ground game in case they chose to rest Gurley against the Arizona Cardinals and San Francisco 49ers, which ended up being exactly the case. He was supposed to run all over the Rams, but that didn't happen.

Ezekiel Elliott rushed for a TD and Amari Cooper caught an early TD pass for the Cowboys (11-7), who still haven't won a playoff game on the road in 26 years.

With a 10-6 record, the Dallas Cowboys finished the 2018 regular season as the top team in the NFC East, squeaking ahead of the defending Super Bowl champion Philadelphia Eagles.

LeBron plays it safe tonight with a "There Is No Magic Pill" hat for tonight's game in Los Angeles for Rams-Cowboys.