Raiders hiring draft analyst Mike Mayock as general manager

Report: Raiders To Hire Draft Analyst Mike Mayock As General Manager

Mayock had drawn interest from teams with general manager openings in recent years, including Washington before the 2017 season.

Mayock, whose broadcasting career dates back to 1993, is a good draft analyst and offers sharp takes on the game when in the booth for NFL Network or NBC on Notre Dame games.

Mike Mayock said Sunday afternoon that he has interviewed to fill the Raiders' personnel executive vacancy created after Reggie McKenzie was sacked. Either way, it's an interesting development because it's widely known that Gruden has essentially been running the building since he joined the Raiders.

Jon Gruden talked about how much he liked his general manager, and how far they go back and how there was no question they could work well together.

Overall, the hiring of Mike Mayock is another piece to the "new leaf" that the Raiders are trying to turn over.

In Mayock's interview, Davis did not quiz Mayock, as his father did a decade ago, in a big conference room, having him draw up formations and fronts on the grease board.

The Raiders finished the season 4-12 and were eliminated early from playoff contention.

"I don't have all the answers", he said. The 60-year-old has no personnel experience in the NFL, but previously played in the league as a member of the Pittsburgh Steelers and New York Giants. "Job No. 1 for me is to get on the same page with the coaching staff about the current Raider roster". But the team has five first-round picks the next two years.

"That's really part of my study right now", Mayock said.



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