Pompeo rebukes Obama and takes on Iran in Cairo speech

President Donald Trump speaks during a cabinet meeting at the White House Wednesday Jan. 2 2019 in Washington

Iranian officials, Trump said, "can do what they want" in Syria. Pompeo asks. "We learned that when America retreats, chaos often follows".

But Senate Democrats have said many nominees Trump puts forward are wholly unqualified to be ambassadors, or have backgrounds that should preclude them from confirmation-such as Christine Toretti, the ambassador nominee for Malta, who had a restraining order filed against her for "placing a bullet-riddled target sheet" in the office of her ex-husband's doctor.

USA officials have since tempered the timeline for withdrawal, saying there isn't one, and Trump has said a drawdown would happen slowly. Netanyahu could only be delighted.

Karasik said he believed that energy issues were "another important facet of the visit" along with discussions over the sanctions regime (regarding Iran) and the "logistic flow of oil in the region and protection of that flow".

Everyone's slowing their roll now, and with Bolton heading to Ankara, that roll will come to a complete stop. While that decision's timing is unclear, it is widely seen as abandoning the region and favoring USA rivals Russian Federation and Iran.

"As the president has stated, the United States will maintain whatever capability is necessary for operations needed to prevent IS's resurgence", the administration official said.

Pompeo will likely face questions about last month's surprise announcement that USA troops would soon leave northeastern Syria, where they help battle remnants of the Islamic State group. Turkey's rock-ribbed position is nearly utterly antithetical to anything the Israelis might want to hear. "If they [the US] delay this process with false and absurd excuses like unreal statements such as 'Turks will slaughter the Kurds, ' then we will implement this decision", he said, referring to the looming Turkish operation in Syria to the east of the Euphrates.

On Monday, Erdogan published an opinion article in the New York Times saying the Turkish government has "no argument with the Syrian Kurds."He called for a "stabilization force" in Syria that would be created by Turkey".

The United States has done little to help resolve this problem, though it has welcomed Jordanian participationin the Syrian conflict.

In a joint press conference with Jordan's Foreign Minister Ayman Safadi, Pompeo contended that Iran poses an "enormous risk" for the region.

Speaking at the site of a major speech Obama gave in 2009 in the first year of his presidency, Republican Trump's chief diplomat took on Obama by arguing that the Democratic former president had in effect misread and abandoned the Middle East.

Obama pledged engagement with Iran and an understanding of the need for freedom and democracy that led to the Arab Spring revolutions. Pompeo has stressed throughout his trip to the region that Washington still aims to counter Iranian influence. His easy mission will be to persuade these nations that the Trump administration remains committed to neutralizing Iran.

As for how the Trump administration's policies are being perceived by Mideast leaders, NPR's Jane Arraf reports from Baghdad, "This is a new era, and part of that new era is a belief that the United States is more than willing to look the other way [from] repression and human rights abuses in countries like Egypt and Saudi Arabia, if there are security or economic benefits".

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo visited Egyptian leaders in Cairo Thursday.

"Clark is one of several dozen Americans to join the Islamic State out of the around 295 whom intelligence officials claim have traveled or attempted to travel to Syria and Iraq to join the terrorist group, " according to Seamus Hughes, deputy director of the Program on Extremism. And there seems to be precious little of that to go around.